Niger Coup: Russia Issues Caution to ECOWAS Against Military Measures


\In response to the evolving situation in Niger, Russia has conveyed a stern warning regarding potential military involvement, emphasizing the likelihood of an enduring confrontation. The Russian foreign ministry has expressed concerns that any such intervention could result in unsettling repercussions for the broader Sahel region.

Formal endorsement of the coup is not part of Russia’s stance. However, the United States, a supporter of the reinstatement of ousted leader Mohamed Bazoum, has conveyed suspicions of its Wagner mercenary group capitalizing on the prevailing instability.

Recent events saw supporters of the coup demonstrating near a French military base close to the capital, Niamey. Notably, some of these protestors displayed Russian flags and chanted slogans such as “down with France, down with ECOWAS.”

Both France and the United States maintain military bases in Niger, which have been strategically employed for counter-terrorism operations against extremist factions across the broader region.

Reports indicate that military officials representing ECOWAS member states are slated to convene on Saturday to outline potential strategies for a military intervention. While the bloc remains receptive to exploring diplomatic resolutions, President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria remarked that no alternative, including the use of force, is being discounted as a final recourse.

Although not overtly advocating for military action, the United States has urged the junta to step aside and facilitate the reinstatement of Niger’s democratic constitutional order.

As of now, the junta in Niger has yet to provide an official response to the recent pronouncements made by ECOWAS leaders.

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