Rainfall Is Not a Blessing From God- Abel Damina.


Rain does not come from God. Rain is as a result from the fall of man. There was no rain in Genesis chapter 1 & 2. These are the two perfect chapters in the Bible.

The fall of man started in the chapter three. If you study carefully, you will find out that the first time rain was mentioned in the Bible was in the chapter six of the book Of Genesis. So Rainfall is not a blessing from God, rainfall is judgement for man’s sin.

God’s plan in the beginning was water to be above the firmament, water to be under the ground. So vegetables, fruits, foods grew out of the ground and should not die.

In the sky, there was water to condition the atmosphere so that the whole plant is cool and man is comfortable to live long. Water is gathered in an area, land was also in another area.

According to Him, It was the fall of man that caused a global change; the heavens collapsed, so the water that ought to cool the atmosphere started falling, and that brought about flooding.

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