Nollywood Actor Bedridden For Two Years Seeks Financial Help


Yoruba Nollywood stars have taken to their social media pages to seek financial help for veteran actor, Dayo Adewunmi, popularly known as Sule Suebebe, who has been bedridden for two years.

ONIFTV reports that a disturbing video of the ailing movie star made the rounds online on Sunday and many of his colleagues took to their Instagram page to solicit support for him.

Popular Yoruba actress, Ariyo Oluwakemisola, who also shared the video opened up on the struggles of many Nollywood stars.

She noted that it has been six years since she last saw Sule Suebebe at a movie location.

According to Kemisola, acting does not have retirement and many movie stars do not earn as much as being portrayed online.

The actress stressed that some of her colleagues can earn 150k for being at the movie location for one week while others also earn 30k for one week too.

She added that people should stop blaming ailing Nollywood stars because some other actors/actresses are using business as a coverup.

She said,

“God!!! I saw this yesterday I was crying like God hmmmm I don’t even know what to type I have send what I can do. The last time I saw him in location was 6 years ago please fam help daddy suebebe.

“Acting no get retirement, we can be in location for 1 week and collect 150k some people collect 30k for 1 week please stop blaming them, some are using business to cover Everybody is going through a lot, we are just using social media to cover face.”\




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