Peter Obi’s Message On Armed Forces Remembrance Day


On this Armed Forces Remembrance Day, I join other Nigerians in appreciating our military men who, in order to ensure peace and security within our borders, are willing to pay untold sacrifices.

Today, we encourage them to remain resolute in their resolve to conquer the ugly monster of insecurity currently ravaging our dear nation. We remember especially our fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending the peace, unity and territorial integrity of our dear nation. We appreciate and honour them for their heroic deeds, while showing love and support to their bereaved families. Great nations are built by rulers, citizens and the protectors of freedom – the military.

Our story as a nation, therefore, will not be complete, without their courageous sacrifices which takes them away from the comfort of their homes and the embrace of their loved ones.

With the country going through very challenging times in its war against terrorism, violence, crime and all manner of insecurity, we show our support and solidarity to our military men, and urge them not to be despirited, even when they feel overstretched by the war.

May this day renew their love, zeal, and courage to remain firm in their struggles for a peaceful and crime-free Nigeria. May we the leaders, ensure that the welfare of our armed forces and their families, are well taken care of, as they graciously serve our nation.



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