Should Nigeria President Be The One To Appoint The INEC CHAIRMAN?

As the name stipulates, INEC in itself is an independent body. For this to be truly so, it means the commission should not depend on any arm of government for anything.

The body should be able to exercise that autonomy and the process leading to the emergence of the chairman of the commission should be independent.

The President of Nigeria should not be the one to appoint the INEC chairman. As humans, we are likely to listen to the dictates of the person that appointed us at some point.

Once the power to choose is still vested in the President, it will be abused to Favour the ruling party to rig elections and Nigerians and the country will be placed under the siege of tyranny.

The tyranny of such powers was exercised by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress when he appointed his niece into INEC and even refused to remove those above 60 years from the service of the commission.

In order to restore confidence in the electoral process and also give credibility to the whole process, we need to move from where we are today, whereby the President decides and chooses the INEC chairman. We should be able to move otherwise.

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