Rufai Oseni Should Go Back to The School of Journalism.


He is not a Journalist. He has no training in journalism. Therefore the rules of engagement means nothing to him.

He is like someone who has the mindset of ‘we against them’.

He is always battle ready and you can see it all over him. He is not hiding anything. He feels that the world is at his feet.

To Rufai it is war and nothing more. Then arrogance, selfishness sense of superiority and big man syndrome sets in.

Now If Arise TV still wants Rufai they should send him to the Department of Mass Communication University of Lagos. I am a Writer and an Author of Four Books but I Studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nigeria Nsukka from 1980- 1985. I was also the Publisher of National Vision Newspapers Ltd untill Internet drove us out of business. I cannot claim to be a Journalist. Journalism is special profession. It demands tack, smooth and sound engagements, discipline, organization, common sense, commitment, civilization, respect for human dignity. This is because words can kill. Words can cause wars.

Rufai Oseni is an arrogant loud mouth, so full of himself, he is not friendly, he is saucy, no decorum, no self control, no respect, no honour , no grace, no understanding and no good temperament. Until he goes to School of Journalism I will not take him serious. What he is doing at Arise TV is not journalism. It is Jankara journalism and it cannot stand. It is all noise and no substance, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. It is garbage in and garbage. Education is useless if we cannot use it to contribute to the growth of our society. To have eyes is not to see, to have ears is not to listen, to have brain is not to think.

I have been on Arise TV several times since its inception few years back.

I have been on set with erudite Reuben Abati, Tundun Abiola, Steve Ayorinde, and the other beautiful ladies in that organization .

They pleasant people, responsive and responsible persons, well mannered, well brought up men women. Arise TV can do better.

Enough of this nonsensical effusions scurrilous drivels in the name of Journalism.



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