Several security operatives dead after fatal ambush by bandits in Zamfara state.


A Joint Task Force comprising Police Mobile Force personnel and Soldiers fell into an ambush by bandits in Zamfara State, resulting in a deadly attack and the loss of multiple lives.

The ambush occurred on January 6, 2023, between Danjigba and Kunci Kargo locations of Sector 7 of Operation Hadarin Daji.

The bandits launched a surprise assault on the operatives killing all personnel inside a targeted gun truck were killed during the attack, and seizing rifles and an AA Rifle.

Among the victims were Inspector Wilson Paul Mine and a PMF personnel from PMF 42, both losing their lives and rifles to the assailants.

Additionally, four soldiers also tragically lost their lives in the ambush.

Another operative, Inspector Ewa Onono, sustained injuries when a backup vehicle overturned, causing fractures to his leg and arm. However, his rifle remained secure.

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