Let me start by introducing myself.
My name is Faith, an indigene of Oyo state.

Came from a very poor background, my dad died and left the three of us in this wicked world
( my mum, me and my only brother)

I have been willing to be the one to break the curse of poverty in my family.

I heard of an opportunity that can change my life for good. This agency claimed to sponsor us to Germany 🇩🇪.L
Immediately, I hopped on the opportunity and started following up the agency.

I introduced my friend Rebecca, who also fell in love with this great opportunity and desperate to leave the country.
Rebecca also came from a poor background but not as poor as mine, and she has been eager to travel out of the country.
I sold my properties so I can raise money for myself.

Rebecca on the other hand also sold some of her properties to raise funds.
We left Nigeria 🇳🇬 on a Friday Night, and we were told we would be travelling by water 💧.
I was so scared cause I had deep fobia (fear) for water.

Friday Night around 10:30pm, we left the sea shore in Lagos island and the journey began.
Four hours later, we encountered a massive sea storm that almost capsized our boat 🚤, we were told to offload the boat a little and this made some of us empty our luggage’s inside the water just to relieve the boat and make it float normally.

We almost emptied the boat cause it seems the storm won’t stop, we were all scared at this juncture, cos all hope was lost.
That was when the boat driver asked us:
Driver: is anyone of you wearing any bead of such? Be it wait bead or wrist or leg bead.
Everyone: 🙄

Then the officials with us in the boat was forced to search us. After thorough search, we noticed, my friend Rebecca was the only one wearing a waistbead.
Officials: Madam pls remove this bead and throw it inside the water
Rebecca: Am sorry I can’t do that, this bead was given to me as birthday gift and I can’t remove it just like that.

Me: Rebecca pls just do as they say, so we won’t die here cause am scared as hell and if throwing the bead away is the only solution. Pls do what they say pls.
After few minutes of argument, still Rebecca won’t remove this bead.

The official were left with no option than to push Rebecca inside that raging and angry looking water.
I was shocked 😳 and dumb for few minutes, my mouth was stiff and couldn’t move.

I had no choice than to keep mute and never reveal the incident to anyone.
We finally reached our destination (Germany) and guess what, live goes on.

I started working and making money, also sending few Euros 💶 to my family here in Nigeria.
It’s been 1 year since the incident happened and Rebecca’s mum at the other hand has been trying to reach her daughter for a year, she has been trying to reach my mum also but she can’t, since I already relocated her to Abeokuta.
She finally got my number from my mum, and tried calling me.

I refused to pick the call because I was feeling guilty and scared.
(Oh you were wondering how I know it’s her number? thanks to truecaller app on my phone)
I saw her name instantly and was forced to reject the call ☎️.

After three years of my stay in Germany 🇩🇪, I decided to travel down to Nigeria just to say hello.
I came back and spend just 2 days and left for Germany again. Because I was so scared Rebecca’s mum could visit at any time.
Flashed back to Thursday night, a day before we traveled, when Rebecca’s mum gave her the spiritual bead to wear.

Her motive was to travel to Germany and whoever she sleep with while wearing the bead will spend all his money on her and she can live a good and expensive life in Germany.

What people don’t know is that, water attract or hates anything diabolical or Charm, mostly when it comes to beads, there are goddess that are always attracted to stuffs like that.

And they sensed someone inside the boat wearing something that belongs to them, and they tried to claim it back by all means but capsizing the boat because that’s the only option to get rid of that.

So let’s be careful when travelling with anything diabolical in any form.
This is a true life story.

And I owe no copyright to this
Check my profile for more story 👉 Paul Odofin 👈

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