Somadina arrested for k#lling his mother and sister. Buries them in a shallow gräv£


An Anambra man identified as Somadina Orji has reportedly k#lled his mother identified as Mrs Charity Orji, and his Sister, Miss Ukamaka Orji, and buried them in a shallow gräv£ in their backyard in Enugu State.

The incident happened on Monday, December 4th, 2023, at Umuagu Inyi, in Oji River LGA of Enugu State.

According to reports, Somadina’s younger sister had been missing for weeks.

Somadina had an issue with his younger brother and wanted to h#t him but their mother stopped him and asked him to leave her house.

Not long after that, the mother, said to be a hardworking woman, was allegedly k#lled by her son and he buried her in a shallow gräv£ in their compound.

When the younger son returned and didn’t find his mother, he raised an alarm and villagers gathered.

After interrogating Somadina, he confessed to k#lling his mother and sister.

A video making the rounds shows Somadina digging out his mother’s body from the shallow gräv£. She had bl@od coming out of her ear after she was dug out and her cörps£ was still fresh.

The sister’s cörps£ was also exhumed but had decomposed. Her bones were gathered in a blue plastic bag.

In the video, villagers are heard saying the mother was a hardworking woman who sold fufu to feed her family. They added that Somadina is a dr¥g addict.

The villagers are also heard expressing the desire to bur¥ Somadina in the same gräv£ he buried his mother if the police would allow them.

The police were invited and the remains of the mother and the sister were deposited at the mortuary.

The suspect has since been detained.

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