Steve Harvey Dismisses Rumors of Infidelity in His Marriage


In a recent appearance at Invest Fest 2023, Steve Harvey quashed the speculations circulating about his marriage to Marjorie Harvey, firmly asserting their continued unity.

“Allow me to begin by stating that I’m absolutely fine,” emphasized the affable game show host. “And Marjorie, she’s perfectly fine too.”

He humorously added, “I’m not entirely certain what endeavors are occupying everyone’s attention, but I implore you to redirect your focus elsewhere. The abundance of alternative pursuits available is quite remarkable. Oh, how I wish I could indulge in colorful language at this moment. Sometimes the urge to retort is undeniable, but I’ve allocated no time for unfounded tales and idle chatter. Divine providence has blessed my path, and my radiance remains undiminished.”

A spokesperson for Harvey has yet to respond to the inquiry from Fox News Digital.

The allegations of infidelity initially emerged when online personality Keem posted a message alleging that Marjorie had engaged in extramarital liaisons with Harvey’s security guard and their personal chef.

In a now-deleted post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Keem wrote, “Steve Harvey’s better half found affection in the arms of the bodyguard and the culinary virtuoso.” The YouTube sensation further disseminated a video containing a speech in which Harvey previously extolled his wife.

Marjorie herself addressed these claims. She took to Instagram, sharing a post that advised on “Navigating False Accusations,” accompanied by a scriptural passage about refraining from retaliation.

While reflecting on the matter, she conveyed, “Typically, my husband and I refrain from dignifying all the absurd falsehoods and fabrications circulating around us with a response. Nevertheless, we recognize that those who are bestowed with much also bear a certain duty. I comprehend that my platform carries a responsibility towards those who may not possess the same level of resilience we do. I encourage you to read and share this with your loved ones who might require guidance in handling such situations. May blessings abound upon all of you.”

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