This Thing Really Got Her, Is Not Easy”– Veteran Actress Tola Oladokun Shade Tears Over What Isbae U Did To Her [WATCH]


Emotional powerhouse Tola Oladokun, famed for her tear-jerking movie roles, found herself on the receiving end of an unexpected gift from Isbae U, the maestro of celebrity surprises, and fans could practically feel the warmth radiating from their encounter.

Tola, utterly elated, showered the skitmaker with prayers straight from the depths of her soul. The entire encounter was dressed to the nines, exuding a polished and celebratory mutual love and respect

Isbae U recently dropped a heartwarming video, revealing his act of kindness as he handed over foodstuff and a monetary gift to the veteran actress Tola Oladokun.

In the clip, Tola Oladokun couldn’t hold back the waterworks, getting all teary-eyed over the unexpected goodies from the skit maestro.

The emotional footage has set social media abuzz, with celebs and fans giving Isbae U a round of applause for his thoughtful gesture
Isbae U, the skit sensation, Adebayo Ridwan by birth, has sparked a social media frenzy with a video drop that reveals his gift-giving surprise to the esteemed Yoruba movie veteran, Tola Oladokun.

In the video, Isbae U averred that he brought Oladokun over by pretending they would be filming a skit together. Surprisingly, it evolved into a joyous celebration for the actress. Isbae U orchestrated a heartfelt experience by bringing enlisting the talents of a praise singer, whose emotional Yoruba chants moved the actress to tears.

Adding to the surprise, the skit maker astonished Oladokun by presenting her with not just food gifts but also a staggering cheque of N200k, left the actress utterly stunned.

Isbae U, in the clip, gave props to Oladokun for her stellar contributions to the movie industry, revealed they share a mother-and-son bond.

Isbae U has a track record of astonishing A-list and veteran movie stars. He once dropped an adorable video of him crashing actress Toyin Abraham’s movie set with birthday gifts when she marked a new age on Tuesday, September 5.

Isbae U pulled out all the stops for Toyin’s birthday, showering her with gifts, a charismatic praise singer, and lively drummers.

Toyin, taken aback by the skitmaker’s bold move, warmly embraced him and offered heartfelt prayers for everyone in Isbae U’s entourage who joined in celebrating her special day.

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