Uba Sani Rejects El-rufai’s Ministerial Candidate Tells Tinubu To Expect Another


Reports indicate that Uba Sani, the Governor of Kaduna, has rejected the nomination of Jafaru Sani as a potential ministerial candidate proposed by Nasir El-Rufai. The rejection comes amidst claims that Jafaru Sani lacks political influence in Kaduna and has remained excessively loyal to the former governor.

According to credible sources, Governor Uba Sani expressed his dissent over Jafaru Sani’s selection as a substitute nominee for Mr. El-Rufai during a conversation with President Bola Tinubu at the State House. Uba Sani, who returned from a trip to London for this purpose, revealed his disagreement with Jafaru Sani’s suitability as a replacement for Mr. El-Rufai from Kaduna.

An anonymous source disclosed, “He has now informed the president to anticipate an alternative candidate.” Uba Sani’s objections were grounded in his perception that Jafaru Sani holds negligible political significance in Kaduna and has maintained an unwavering allegiance to El-Rufai.

This situation adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing political dynamics involving Nasir El-Rufai. The former governor’s decision to withdraw from ministerial consideration was reportedly influenced by a perceived alliance against him, with claims that the president failed to adequately communicate with him. National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu has been highlighted as a prominent figure driving the campaign against El-Rufai within the State House.

El-Rufai’s record of endorsing violence, making provocative statements to stoke ethnic and religious tensions, and facing allegations of corruption during his tenures in Abuja and Kaduna have fueled opposition against him. Despite denying all allegations, these accusations have sparked divergent opinions, even among the Nigerian intellectual community he once courted.

The credibility of a security report implicating El-Rufai has been questioned, particularly given that it did not address the controversies surrounding figures like Nyesom Wike and Abubakar Bagudu. Inconsistencies in security reports have previously caused confusion, as seen in the case of Ibrahim Magu’s nomination for the EFCC chairmanship.

Nasir El-Rufai’s aspirations to revitalize Nigeria’s power sector were postponed due to the Senate’s decision, which El-Rufai allegedly attributed to President Tinubu. This perceived setback led to strained relations, with El-Rufai backing Jafaru Sani to exert his influence on Kaduna’s political landscape.

However, Uba Sani’s rejection of Jafaru Sani’s candidacy could potentially pose challenges for El-Rufai’s influence in both Abuja and Kaduna. Neither El-Rufai nor Sani responded to inquiries from The Gazette. As developments unfold, the political landscape continues to shift, raising questions about the unresolved tensions between these key figures.

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