‘wadata Plaza Will Go Down’, Reactions Trail Wike’s Demolition Threat


The forceful remarks made by the recently inaugurated Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, regarding the impending demolition of unlawfully erected structures, have sparked a diverse range of responses.

The minister’s strong stance emerged during his inaugural address at the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) headquarters on Monday.

Wike firmly stated, ‘Those individuals responsible for distorting the meticulously crafted master plan of Abuja will face consequences. If you are knowingly constructing in areas designated off-limits, your edifices will face demolition.’

He went on, ‘Even if you have ventured to seize green zones or public parks for private enterprises like restaurants, such actions will not be tolerated. Even if influential figures have engaged in such acts, regretfully, there is nothing I can do except to ensure their structures are dismantled.’

Furthermore, Wike pledged that the government would reclaim parcels of undeveloped land that had been sold to individuals.

In response to Wike’s pronouncements, Nigerians have flocked to social media platforms to voice their thoughts, anticipating a rigorous and uncompromising approach under his administration of the FCT, one that will pay little heed to whose interests may be affected.

Sharing a press conference video, Akin Akinwale tweeted, ‘Wadata Plaza is at risk.’

Wadata Plaza, situated in Abuja’s Wuse Zone 5, serves as the headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Emphasizing Wike’s authoritative presence, @ItsOladeni quipped, ‘Emperor Wike has arrived. Abuja now has a visitor!’

@Ibrazeez1 asserted, ‘With Wike in town, both individuals and businesses need to be on their toes, adhering to proper conduct and timelines. The next press conference might focus on the judiciary, with Abuja’s special citizens of Nigeria receiving their due later.’

Expressing a historical perspective, @krisifesi noted, ‘Frankly speaking, this is akin to Wike’s third term, transitioning from Governor of Rivers State to Governor of FCT.’

From the viewpoint of @OneJoblessBoy, a social media user, came the comment, ‘If the PDP doesn’t possess a Certificate of Occupancy, it simply doesn’t have it.’

@cbngov_akin1 humorously remarked, ‘The PDP Secretary’s situation is on my mind 😆.’

Addressing the nuanced awareness of Wike’s capabilities, @MrOdanz suggested, ‘He possesses a grasp of his potential and those he can influence.’

Summing up his disapproval, @iamdamified criticized, ‘Such a statement is profoundly impulsive.’

Amid the reactions, @bigmainm quipped, ‘Mr. Negativity is perturbed by Wike’s arrival 😂.’

@Robbin_Hood217 added, ‘If a structure is sited incorrectly, it will inevitably face demolition.’

It is noteworthy that Wike’s association with the PDP soured after he lost the party’s presidential nomination to former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, and he was not selected as Atiku’s running mate. Additionally, Wike, along with several prominent PDP figures, actively worked against the PDP’s interests during the election.”

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