We will avenge killing of our men in Niger, others – Defence Chief vows


ONIFTV recollects a tragic incident in the Zungeru general area of the state where an ambush resulted in the loss of three officers and 22 soldiers, with seven others sustaining injuries in action.

Speaking in Abuja during the funeral of military personnel who recently lost their lives in combat and an air crash in Niger, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Christopher Musa, solemnly pledged that the military would relentlessly pursue and bring to justice all individuals involved in acts of terrorism, banditry, and those who pose threats to the nation.

Gen. Musa conveyed his resolute message on Friday, highlighting that the military would not remain passive while adversaries of the state continued to wreak havoc on lives and property. He assured the terrorists that the military would actively pursue them, seeking retribution for the fallen soldiers who bravely defended the nation.

In his address, the defense chief acknowledged the profound difficulty associated with laying fallen soldiers to rest, acknowledging the heavy burden commanders bear on such occasions. He expressed deep sorrow at the loss of his officers and soldiers, but also assured their families that their sacrifices would not be in vain. He conveyed the military’s gratitude, prayers, and the unwavering commitment to holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

Gen. Musa used the opportunity to call upon all commanders and troops across Nigeria to unite in seeking justice for their fallen comrades. He made a strong declaration that those responsible for these acts, along with any individuals causing harm to military personnel, would be pursued relentlessly and apprehended.

He emphasized that the military’s pursuit of these perpetrators would be unrelenting, denying them the opportunity to inflict harm on others. He stated that the day marked a solemn occasion, honoring the fallen heroes who laid down their lives in defense of the nation. He noted their courage, dedication, and unyielding commitment to their duties.

Assuring the bereaved families, Gen. Musa reiterated the military’s support and solidarity during this challenging period. He highlighted the sacrifice made by the fallen soldiers to preserve peace and security. He acknowledged their bravery in confronting evil forces and safeguarding the nation’s prosperity.

To those who have lost loved ones, Gen. Musa extended his heartfelt condolences, acknowledging the depth of their grief. He assured them that they were not alone in their pain. He vowed to continue the fight against those who sought to undermine the nation’s peace and security.

Addressing the bandits, terrorists, and instigators of violence, Gen. Musa’s words resonated with determination. He warned them that their actions would not go unpunished. The military’s pursuit of justice would be unyielding, aimed at restoring peace and security across the country.

As per the solemn military tradition, report have it that 20 bodies of the fallen personnel were laid to rest at the National Military Cemetery, evoking tears and a sense of loss.

The unfortunate incident involved an ambush in the Zungeru general area, resulting in the loss of three officers and 22 soldiers, with an additional seven soldiers wounded. The tragedy was compounded by the crash of a NAF helicopter tasked with evacuating the deceased and wounded troops. This crash, occurring in the Chukuba area of Shiroro Local Government Area, claimed the lives of 14 soldiers and two crew members while transporting the bodies and the injured.



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