Reps committee calls for release of Nnamdi Kanu to promote peace in region.


The Chairman of the Committee emphasized that the unconditional release of Kanu from detention holds the key to establishing enduring peace and security across the entire region.

The House of Representatives Ad hoc committee, which is engaged in discussions with pertinent security agencies to mitigate the incidents of kidnapping, assassinations, and banditry in Abia communities, has issued a plea for the liberation of Nnamdi Kanu.

In Abuja, during the House’s ongoing session, Representative Obinna Aguocha, who leads the ad-hoc committee, conveyed this appeal. He asserted that Kanu’s release would act as a remedy for fostering tranquility in the Southeast, particularly within the Isiukwuato and Umunnochi Local Government Areas of the state.

Aguocha earnestly urged for the unconditional freedom of Kanu from custody, highlighting that this measure is vital to ensuring enduring harmony and safety throughout the region.

He emphasized the necessity of addressing the fundamental causes of insecurity and developing sustainable solutions to counter them effectively.

For the attainment of complete serenity, the reduction of criminal activities, and the cessation of unproductive sit-at-home orders, Aguocha underscored the importance of investing in substantial infrastructural advancements. He indicated that such investments would contribute to the region’s economic growth and bolster opportunities.

He further stressed the imperative for the government to uphold the principles of the rule of law, justice, and equitable inclusion of the Southeast zone in the broader Nigerian project. Prior to entering its ongoing recess, the House of Representatives committed to addressing the Nnamdi Kanu situation following a similar request presented through a motion.

Aguocha articulated,The challenges we confront are not just numbers or headlines; they are tangible manifestations that impact the well-being of our citizens, disrupt the functioning of our institutions and communities.”

Expanding on this, he noted that these challenges have hindered the region’s progress, pointing out that criminal activities, banditry, kidnappings, assassinations, communal and religious conflicts, along with threats to life, have shaken the very core of the region.

Representative Amobi Ogah, the originator of the motion, alleged that “instead of conducting operations in the wilderness to eliminate criminals, as mandated by the House’s resolution, the police seem to have turned into a significant challenge.”

Ogah remarked that despite numerous requests, which included the establishment of a collaborative security task force to clear the wilderness, no substantive action has been taken. In contrast, there has been a proliferation of police checkpoints, an aspect he described as “unfortunate,” all while instances of kidnapping continue to rise.




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