10 important life lessons you should know to survive your 20s


Life comes with its own struggles, but there are easier ways to navigate through them. Knowledge they say, is power.

My life as a young adult has been filled with triumphs and tribulations, moments of self-discovery and valuable life lessons. Yet, I know that I have merely scratched the surface of what life still has in store for me.

Growing up, I had this youthful naivety and dreams that seemed larger than life. I wanted to do and be everything. The world was my oyster, and I believed I could conquer anything that came my way.

But as the years go by and the realities of life began to settle in, I soon realised that the road ahead was not as straightforward as I once imagined.

It was in those moments that I began to learn some important lessons that would help me navigate the complexities of adulthood and make life just a little bit easier.

These 10 life hacks, dear readers, can reshape your perspective and guide you towards a more fulfilling life if you follow through.

I am still on a learning journey and hope that this knowledge serves as a guide to you on your own adulthood journey:

1. You are responsible for every action you take in life
There is nothing like “I had no choice.” You always have a choice to make in your life. It may sound harsh, but it is the truth. Only you are responsible for how your life turns out.

Who is really going to take responsibility to ensure that your life works out the way you want it to? You.

2. If you want to be successful hang around successful people
“Birds of a feather flock together”

Associating yourself with successful people and those with the right mindset will naturally align your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations into things that shape your future and eventually contribute to your success.

3. Friends come and go and that’s alright
I used to worry so much about losing friends and never getting any new ones. I always wondered, “Would I even have anyone show up for my wedding? Especially considering that I have lost a lot of friends.”

I have learned that friendships can be ephemeral. Many will come and go and that’s okay. Instead of regretting the loss of certain friends, be grateful for the lessons they taught you. Appreciate the time you had with them and move on.

4. Your success comes down to three simple choices:
Decide exactly what you want
Determine the price you have to pay
Choose if you’re willing to pay it
5. Learn continuously
Choose to learn either one thing intensely or multiple subjects extensively. This will help you engage in conversations with different individuals and sustain them. Also, normalise admitting when you don’t know something. There is no shame in acknowledging your lack of knowledge.

It is easier to fill an empty vessel than to pour into one that is already full.

6. Let your words be filled with kindness
A wise man once said that if you cannot speak words of kindness to someone, it is better to remain silent. The manner in which you communicate with others reflects your character as a human being, so be kind.

7. Nobody is thinking about you
Your freedom begins on the day you realise that no one is truly interested in your life. It may sound harsh, but it is the truth.

We often fall victim to the spotlight effect bias, mistakenly believing that others pay far more attention to us than they actually do. In reality, they are not.

8. Write down your goals
According to statistics, people who have goals are 10 times more likely to be successful compared to those without goals, with a success rate of 14%. The 3% of people who not only have goals but also write them down experience even greater success, being three times more successful than the 14% mentioned earlier.

Write down your goals and regularly remind yourself of the person you want to become.

9. Avoid telling people your goals

It’s not just about jinxing it. Telling people your goals releases dopamine, creating a false sense of achievement and reducing your motivation to actually pursue and accomplish those goals.

Move in silence. Let your progress speak for itself.

10. Take calculated risks
Don’t listen to people who will tell you, “Take risks. You’re young, so you can always learn from your mistakes.” No! Taking risks blindly can lead to consequences so devastating, you regret the decision your entire life.

So take calculated risks. Think before you take a risk.

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