Business not moving, tailors, hairdressers lament


Business owners in Gwagwalada Area Council of the FCT, including tailors and hairdressers, are expressing their concerns about the impact of the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government. The increased fuel prices and irregular electricity supply have severely affected their businesses and incomes.

Sarah Morgan, a hairdresser, highlighted the challenges she faces due to the reliance on power supply for her salon. With the rising cost of fuel, running her generator has become expensive, and customers often prefer to wait for electricity, leading to a significant drop in patronage.

Nkechi Okafor, a tailor, shared similar sentiments, explaining how the lack of an affordable power supply option has slowed down her production and made her business less profitable.

She used to work with her generator during power outages, but now she has to rely on inconsistent electricity supply, causing delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Solomon Adejoh, a welder, also experienced a decline in patronage due to increased fuel prices, which led to higher costs for materials and services. He called on the government to find a lasting solution to the fuel and electricity challenges to support businesses and livelihoods.

The removal of fuel subsidy and subsequent increase in petrol pump price have compounded the difficulties faced by business owners who are struggling to cope with the effects of these changes.

Overall, the situation has resulted in slow business growth and financial strain for those who rely on these services for their livelihoods.

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