“Stay Away From Foolish People”: Pastor Evelyn Joshua Responds to Bisola’s Allegations


In the aftermath of the BBC Africa documentary shedding light on the controversial practices within SCOAN, Pastor Evelyn Joshua has stepped forward to address allegations made by Bisola, a key figure featured in the exposé.

Pastor Evelyn in a carefully worded response, talked about how Bisola Johnson came into the ministry.

“Before she came to Synagogue she was married, I don’t know what happened to her marriage maybe she was divorced or whatever I don’t know,” Pastor Evelyn stated.

“Immediately she came here and knelt down and said: please sir I am homeless, I don’t have a place to stay. And a shelter was given to her in this ministry,” she further added.

She emphasized that Bisola will never be her friend, which is why she refrains from making any comments about her up to this date.

Following the BBC Africa documentary an increasing number of individuals are stepping forward to recount their encounters with the late preacher TB Joshua.

These experiences vary, with some expressing positivity while others recount negative aspects.

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