Female Soldier Shoots Captain Dead at Checkpoint in Adamawa


In Yola, the capital of Adamawa state, a tragic incident occurred during the enforcement of a curfew imposed by Governor Ahmadu Fintiri. The curfew was put in place after criminals broke into a government warehouse and looted various items, including essential supplies meant to alleviate the impact of fuel subsidy changes.

According to sources, a female soldier, identified as Lance Corporal Nkiru, was stationed at a checkpoint in the Fire Service Round About area. She got into an altercation with civilians who were attempting to return home during the curfew hours. Despite some motorists identifying themselves as essential workers, she adamantly demanded that they turn back.

As the situation escalated, a senior colleague, a captain, intervened to defuse the tension. However, before any resolution could be reached, tragedy struck. Lance Corporal Nkiru had her rifle cocked, and unintentionally discharged it, fatally shooting the captain.

The injured captain was immediately rushed to the Federal Medical Centre in Yola, where he was pronounced dead. Meanwhile, the female soldier was promptly apprehended by her fellow soldiers.

This unfortunate incident sheds light on previous accusations against Lance Corporal Nkiru. She has been accused multiple times of harassing civilians and displaying aggressive behavior, often resorting to wielding her weapon without appropriate justification.

In an attempt to verify the incident, journalists approached the headquarters of the 23 Armoured Brigade Yola to speak with the Commander, Brigadier General Muhammad Gambo. However, they were informed that a written appointment was necessary before any official statements could be given.

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