Just In: NUPRC to relocate key departments from Abuja to Lagos State.


The Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission is currently considering relocating some of its units to Lagos, according to a document seen by our correspondent 

The memo dated February 14, 2024, said the decision was to enhance its service delivery, reduce operational costs, and make adequate utilisation of its assets in Lagos. “In line with our objectives of improving organizational efficiency, driving industry growth, and managing office accommodation in Abuja, we are exploring the possibility of relocating certain units to Lagos.

This initiative is driven by the need to enhance our service delivery, reduce operational costs, and make adequate utilization of our assets in Lagos.

Consequently, we are requesting that each department identify and provide a list of units that can operate independently with minimal supervision.

Submissions on the above are expected on or before the close of business on Friday 23rd February 2024.

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