Mavin Records’ new signee Lifesize Teddy debuts with ‘LST’ EP


Mavin Records have announced the signing of a new artist who goes by the stage name Lifesize Teddy.

A rapper, artist, and writer, the new Mavin is eclectic, talented, multidimensional and utterly unpredictable. Lifesize Teddy, born Treasure Apiafi Banigo, is as inspired by the unconventional, as she is by the mundane.

Growing up in the scenic island of Bonny, Rivers State, Lifesize Teddy has always been drawn towards objects, stories and ideas with sentimental value. Everyday life appeals to her- but so does spirituality, and the beauty and potential inherent in the unexpected. This is her story and her journey.

On her debut, ‘Lifesize Teddy EP’, Teddy serves an impressionable and experimental blend of five songs which testify to her impressive range, artistic intelligence, and sonic talent.

On the opener, Air, Teddy serves a breezy number that properly displays her bias for rap. While she will go on to explore a number of genres on the tape, Air presents Teddy the Rapper- smooth, savvy, and an undeniably gifted student of the game.

On ‘Hypnotic,’ the captivating, high-energy track fuses pop & hip hop elements to tell a quick-fire tale of desire. The production and delivery burn bright and fast, like the song’s subject matter.

‘Butterflies’ is the album’s third track, and perhaps its most commercially promising. Butterflies explores the relatable theme of young love and the passion inherent in unbridled romance.

‘John Wick’ is the project’s penultimate song. Here Teddy explores. With a soundscape characterized by a thumping baseline, edgy lyrics and a catchy hook, Lifesize Teddy takes a shot at exploring Afrobeats’ street pop divide- and in true John Wick fashion, she takes no prisoners.

The project’s closer is the self-affirming autobiography that is ‘Prophecy’. Here, the artist declares herself “a living prophecy.” A worthy curtain drawer, the track is sentimental and serves as a statement of intent as Lifesize Teddy begins her bid to take over the world.

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