Portable slams artistes living fake life, says ‘some will be buried in gutter’


Popular street singer, Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, has slammed artistes living a fake life and said some will be buried ‘in the gutter’ when they die if they don’t invest in properties.

Portable made this known in a series of videos on his Instagram stories on Thursday, a day after singer Ileriooluwa Oladimeji Aloba, aka Mohbad, was buried.

He said some advised him to buy jewelry rather than invest in properties when he got into the industry.

His words: “Some of you will be buried if you don’t minimise the fake life you live in society. They have been insulting me because I built a house in the trenches. You know how many houses I have in the trenches?”

Different kinds of mansions, like ten. It is not all of my properties that you guys will know. Even in the Lekki-Ajah side, I have bought a portion of land and am building a house. I have even paid 15 percent on a house I want to buy near Osapa-London. I have so many things,” he bragged.

“Some don’t have a house. Don’t worry. Be lying. Reduce the volume of your fake life so your helper doesn’t address you as a mentor. For some people, it is inside the gutter that they will be buried. If you like, continue your fake life. If you die, you don’t have a house; you have nothing.

“Some will post that they just bought a house and car, but in reality, it belongs to their friend. Some of the celebrities don’t have a house; they live in their cars. We know those who have money and those who are living a fake life.

“Some of them shouting, ‘I stay in Lekki,’ when they die, they will not bury them in Lekki, and they will be buried near the gutter even in the trenches because they didn’t buy any property in the trenches (sic).

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