Mr. Ibu’s Pr0m!scuity Brought D!sgrac£ And Disr£spect To Him And Family — Brand Influencer, Veronica’s Daughter


She wrote: “Remove the scales of sentiment from ur eyes and treat this matter the same way u will treat it, if it were ur neighbour.

Mr Ibu is a beloved comic from our childhood and early adulthood, so we are being sentimental.

Why we dey fear to talk say Mr Ibu na Mr Pr0miscuous who brought d!sgrace and disr£pute to himself and his family???

We dey fear??? Or we just wan follow band wagon?? Forget those people talking cos they want to be on the side of public opinion.

Let’s look at it critically? This is the very first time I’m talking about this, I normally leave family matters for family to solve…but this time, I’m making an exception cos Ibu na public figure and my opinion different.

I have a friend in Enugu…the stories she told me, shocked me to my marrow. Mr Ibu has been living a profligate life for long.

A glutton who eats what he wants in copious quantities, despite being ill and needing to let go of certain foods…Mr Ibu no gree. See where it landed him?

Now, who be Jasmine? Daughter? Side Ch!c? Friend? What of Ibu wife? How does she figure?

Now we don dey see say Adopted daughter na former side ch!c…now the public face of the Ibu Family???

Una dey think am well? Is this not absurd? We no go talk true? Mr Ibu has made a m£ss of his family and make we leave him wife alone abeg.

U go fit bear wetin she don bear???? She be g0ld d!gg£r? Since when???

Abeg…Mr Ibu will recover. I still like him and his impact, but he has made a m£ss of his personal life and truth must be said.

U may not agree wit me o…that is fine. I’m not known for having sense of going wit the flow.

I’m OK wit that.

Asa Okwu Anyi Onu.”

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