Your story doesn’t hard up” Fans tackle Lizzy Jay as she cries out for help over blackmail with her nu3de


Netizens and ardent followers of Yoruba Nollywood actress Lizzy Jay have taken issue with her recent assertion of being blackmailed.

As per Kemi Filani’s recent report, Lizzy Jay had raised an alarm, stating that she was being blackmailed with the threat of her intimate photos being exposed.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, the talented actress disclosed that she had been bombarded with calls and messages from an unidentified individual who claimed to possess compromising pictures of her.

In the video, she recounted the entire ordeal and vowed to pursue legal action against the blackmailer.

However, this revelation sparked skepticism among her fans, who questioned the consistency of her account.

One individual, Sannig Ibrahim, questioned, “Your story doesn’t add up. Why would you send your private photos, including your face, to your doctor? You should report this to the police. A legitimate doctor who values their medical license wouldn’t engage in blackmail.”

Fawaz Dixe also chimed in, saying, “If you only sent the pictures to your doctor, why do you feel the need to explain? Did you include your face in the photos?”

Ella Fabrics Place remarked, “Your explanation is rather unclear, and there is no concrete evidence. I hope you can resolve this issue because your explanation appears dubious.”

Ladex expressed,The details of your story don’t seem to align, but I’m sorry to hear about your situation.”

Gesa Seventeen humorously commented, “It seems like you’re all going crazy in this industry. No problem, we’ll watch this new format for free.”

Okim Global World raised a technical question, stating, “It’s unfortunate. However, how can Snapchat operate on two devices simultaneously?”

Real Tosyn pointed out, “You mentioned that you were bleeding and in pain, yet you didn’t seek medical attention. Your story seems unclear.”

Meanwhile, skitmaker and content creator Carter Efe also claimed to be facing a blackmail threat involving a private tape, following the recent leak of actress Moyo Lawal’s intimate video. Carter decided to preemptively inform the public about the impending release of his tape.

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