Threads Surpasses 95 Million Posts & 50 Million Users, As Musk Cries Foul


Threads, surpasses 95 million posts and 50 million profiles in record time

Meta, the parent company of social media giants Facebook and Instagram, has made waves once again with the successful launch of its new app, Threads.

In less than 24 hours since its debut, Threads has witnessed an astonishing surge, surpassing 95 million posts and attracting over 50 million profiles, as per the exclusive internal data obtained by The Verge.

Threads, developed by Meta’s Instagram team, was introduced to iOS and Android users in 100 countries on Wednesday, instantly soaring to the top of the App Store’s free app rankings.

Designed as a platform for sharing text updates and participating in public conversations, the platform seeks to boost connections between users with similar interests

With features similar to its parent company, Threads allows users to follow and engage with friends and creators, including individuals they already follow on Instagram.

This integration has facilitated rapid adoption, as Threads garnered 2 million sign-ups within a mere two hours after its launch.

The momentum continued to build, with the user count soaring to 10 million within seven hours and 30 million within just 12 hours.

The tremendous response to Threads prompted Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino to address the Twitter community, urging users to remain steadfast and united

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