Why I Don’t Want Peter Obi To Ever Become The President Of Nigeria Again — Nigerian Man


The tweep who wrote via his account Burmese_Tyga_ said: “I do not want Peter Obi to ever become the president of Nigeria again. I know he has a saviour complex thinking he can still salvage Nigeria.

They are going to leave a carcass of a nation for him to come fix when they have plundered it to a wasteland. Then blame him for not waving a magic wand and fixing sh!t overnight.

Peter Obi warned everybody the last election was a f!ght for the survival of the country…Agbado people labelled him a divisive b!got.

Peter Obi should actually retire with his beautiful Aunty Maggie and let who wants to p£rish…p£rish! 🤷🏾‍♂️”

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