84-year-old man allegedly hacks his 75-year-old wife to dǝath for denying him sEx in Edo state


Gabriel Ahuwa, an octogenarian, has been apprehended on charges of brutally murdering his 75-year-old wife with a machete. The arrest was part of a wider operation where 198 suspects were paraded by SP Chidi Nwabuzor, the spokesperson of the Edo state police command.

These suspects were implicated in various crimes including armed robbery, kidnapping, unlawful possession of firearms, murder, and cultism.

According to the police spokesperson, Gabriel’s actions were triggered by ongoing conflicts between him and his wife. Allegedly, she had been refusing to engage in intimate relations with him for an extended period.

Gabriel showed no signs of remorse and seemingly believed that killing his wife was the only solution to his predicament.

In a conversation with reporters, Gabriel expressed his frustration, claiming that his wife had denied him intimacy for an extended period while engaging in relationships with other men.

He spoke about their shared history, having raised seven children together – five sons and two daughters. Gabriel mentioned attempting to address the issue by involving their children, with one of their daughters even attempting to intervene, but his wife remained steadfast in her decision.

Gabriel continued, stating that he had heard rumors of his wife’s involvement with pastors and other men while continually denying him. He lamented his financial inability to seek out prostitutes as an alternative.

The situation escalated as Gabriel’s wife allegedly influenced their children to sever ties with him, refusing to send money and ignoring his calls. This intensifying estrangement led Gabriel to commit the heinous act. Regrettably, he admitted to his actions, describing how he had attacked his wife with a machete in a fit of rage. He confessed that his intention was to publicly reveal his actions as a consequence of his wife’s non-compliance.

A son of Gabriel, wishing to remain anonymous, contradicted the assertion that they had abandoned their father. He clarified that they had sent him money only five days prior to the tragic incident.

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