Title: Nigerian Army Captain Fatally Shot by Female Soldier Identified as Nkiru Okonkwo in Adamawa


Nigerian Army Captain Fatally Shot by Female Soldier During Curfew Enforcement in Adamawa

In an unfortunate incident, the identity of the Nigerian Army Captain who lost his life during an altercation with a female soldier enforcing a curfew in Adamawa has been revealed. The senior officer has been identified as Captain Bitrus Sini, as confirmed by a military source speaking to SaharaReporters on Monday night.

The incident occurred at a checkpoint in Yola, the state capital, where Lance Corporal Nkiru Okonkwo, the female soldier involved, was enforcing the curfew imposed by the Adamawa State government. According to reports, the confrontation arose when Nkiru attempted to prevent motorists from passing through during the curfew hours. The motorists, who claimed to be essential workers, sought permission to proceed.

Despite their explanation, Nkiru remained steadfast in her decision to turn them back. It was at this point that Captain Sini stepped in to mediate the situation. Tragically, an accidental discharge from Nkiru’s rifle resulted in the fatal shooting of Captain Sini. The injured officer was immediately rushed to the Federal Medical Centre in Yola, where he was subsequently pronounced dead.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the military community, with a Major who knew Captain Sini expressing sorrow over the loss. The late officer was remembered as Captain Bitrus Sini, known for his gentle demeanor. Heartbreakingly, he had recently celebrated his marriage in December of the previous year.

The background to the curfew enforcement stemmed from Governor Ahmadu Fintiri’s decision to implement the curfew following incidents of looting and vandalism, which included the theft of essential items intended to alleviate the effects of fuel subsidy. This unfortunate incident sheds light on the challenges faced by those tasked with maintaining law and order during challenging circumstances.

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