‘Dey Your Dey’ – Ini Edo To Tonto Dikeh After Accuses Her of Stinginess


Nollywood star, Ini Edo, has posted a thought-provoking message online following recent remarks from her fellow actress, Tonto Dikeh, labeling her as miserly.

As recently reported, Tonto took to Instagram to express her opinion that Dbanj and Ini Edo are not particularly benevolent individuals, cautioning against expecting too much from them.

Tonto characterized them both as tightfisted individuals and recommended that seeking their help, even in dire situations, should be avoided.

In response to the call-out, Ini Edo shared a reflective post on her Instagram, addressing those who engage in tarnishing others’ reputations.

The actress pointed out that while people might use their words and actions to tarnish someone’s image or character, they cannot erase the positive actions that person has performed.

She emphasized that regardless of negative portrayals, the good deeds a person has accomplished will continue to be held in high regard by those who truly understand and know them.

In her words:

“People may attempt to damage your reputation and blemish your character, but they cannot strip away your acts of kindness, as no matter how they depict you, those who truly comprehend your nature will continue to regard you highly.”

She concluded her message with an affirmation of self-belief and staying true to one’s individual path, asserting, “Have faith in yourself, remain committed to your unique journey, for there is only one you.”

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