Full-Time Score: Arsenal 3 – 1 Manchester United


Ladies and gentlemen, Arsenal has defeated Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium, outplaying them throughout the match. This victory is especially sweet for Arsenal fans because they did it without their star player.

Manchester United scored first in the first half, but what frustrated their fans was that Arsenal quickly equalized, leaving no room for celebration.

In the 87th minute, Garnacho scored a goal, but the referee disallowed it due to an offside call. However, in injury time (90’+6), Ijebu Rice scored for Arsenal, sealing their victory and ensuring a peaceful delivery of their “polling unit.”

As it stands, Manchester United is currently in 11th place on the league table, with two wins and two losses in four league matches. If they continue this pattern, they might find themselves in the Europa League Conference alongside Dynamo Moscow next season.

Now, the big question is, did Arsenal peacefully deliver their “polling unit,” or did they have to “r!g” it?

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