Katsina gov says Nigerians should be allowed to buy AK-47, RPG for protection


The governor said Nigerians should also be allowed free access to weapons like bandits to protect themselves.

The Governor of Katsina State, Dikko Umar Radda, has advocated for Nigerians to be given access to buy weapons such as AK-47s and RPGs to protect themselve.

The governor argued that if bandits could have free access to deadly weapons, which they use to terrorise the citizens, ordinary Nigerians should equally have the same leverage to ensure their protection.

Radda also wants Nigerians to stop holding governors responsible for security challenges in their states, noting that, though they’re called the chief security officers, governors lack the authority to command the security agencies.

The governor said these during a media chat in Katsina on Friday, October 20, 2023. He called on the Federal Government to assume a more critical role in securing lives and property in the county.

“If a bandit can go to the market and buy AK-47, RPG, and all of those weapons, what of the people that want to protect themselves? They too should equally be allowed to do so. These people are holding it illegally, we are trying to hold it legally. Why can’t the government allow the people to hold this thing and equally confront the challenges?” he queried.

Radda noted that his administration has explored legal means in establishing a ‘community watch corps’ that will complement the military’s efforts in the fight against banditry in the state.

He stated that bandits are hardened criminals who must be eliminated in Katsina and that his administration would spare no effort in ensuring that the criminals are crushed.

Radda also disclosed that some traditional rulers in the state were under probe over their alleged involvement with bandits, stressing that whoever was found to be in cahoot with the criminals would be made to face the wrath of the law no matter how highly placed.

“There are some traditional rulers who are identified and those ones are already under scrutiny. So, we are not sparing anybody even commissioners in my regime, we are not going to spare anybody found to be involved in one criminal activity or the other” the governor stated.


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