Nigerian Army Rescues Another Chibok Schoolgirl in Borno State


In a recent development, the Nigerian Army announced a successful rescue operation involving Mary Nkeki, a 27-year-old Chibok schoolgirl who had been abducted by Boko Haram insurgents in 2014. The daring operation took place in Dikwa Local Government Area of Borno, where Nkeki was held captive.

Maj.-Gen. Gold Chibuisi, the Theatre Commander of Operation Hadin Kai, disclosed the news during a formal handover ceremony to the Borno Ministry of Women Affairs. Mary Nkeki, bearing the serial number 55 on the list of abducted Chibok girls, was skillfully rescued by the troops of the 81 Task Force Battalion on August 14, in the town of Dikwa.

Trapped in the clutches of captivity, Nkeki was forcibly married to a Boko Haram fighter named Adam. Following her liberation, she has received comprehensive medical care at a military medical facility, ensuring her physical well-being. With her health restored, she is now set to be handed over to the Borno State Government for further support and reintegration.

Maj.-Gen. Chibuisi underscored the unwavering dedication of the military to secure the northeastern region and foster lasting peace in the area. He affirmed their commitment to safeguarding the security of the region and maintaining stability.

Mary Nkeki, speaking to journalists about her harrowing experience since her abduction in 2014, recounted a period marked by immense suffering. Her escape, which occurred under the cover of night with her husband, was facilitated by a vigilant military patrol team.

It’s worth noting that Nkeki’s rescue serves as a testament to the ongoing efforts of the Nigerian Army to free those who have fallen victim to the clutches of insurgency and violence, particularly in the northeastern region of the country.

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