Obidients Express Strong Disapproval Towards Alex Otti’s Choice of Non-Nigerian Vehicles


Criticism has been directed at Alex Otti, the Governor of Abia State, for opting to purchase Toyota Hilux vehicles instead of supporting locally made Nigerian vehicles. Aisha Yesufu emphasized the importance of government support for domestic products, highlighting that claims of durability concerns are merely excuses. Encouraging patronage of local businesses would undoubtedly enhance their growth.

A call was made by Spotlight Abby to Governor Alex Otti to provide an explanation for the decision to overlook Innoson and other Nigerian car manufacturers in favor of Toyota Hilux for the Police.

The Governor had previously gained commendation for using Innoson vehicles, yet the recent shift in choice has raised questions.

Drawing comparisons, David Hundeyin pointed out the strategic economic approach taken by South Korea, where state contracts are used as stimulus packages for local manufacturers like Kia and Hyundai.

He expressed bewilderment over Nigerian governments’ tendency to choose imported brands over comparable locally assembled alternatives, such as Nord in Lagos and Innoson in Anambra.

Another user reminded Governor Alex Otti of the weight of responsibility he carries as a guiding light for the LP (Likeminded People) party. The message conveyed was clear: the citizens will hold him accountable for both commendable actions and errors. The decision to opt for non-Nigerian vehicles was not well received by this user, who highlighted the presence of Innoson and Nord as viable choices that deserved support.

In conclusion,

the sentiments expressed by various individuals underscore the importance of supporting Nigerian businesses, especially in sectors such as automobile manufacturing.

The call for accountability and the desire to boost the nation’s economy through local patronage resonate strongly throughout the criticisms.

Your Excellency Sir, we the OBIdients will praise you when you’re doing well, but on this particular one with due respect Sir, why Toyota? Why didn’t you order from @innosonvehicles or other indigenous Companies to grow Nigeria? Sir, it’s No No for Us! You started with INNOSON


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