Wike Enforces Ban on Street Trading and Hawking in Abuja, Citing Security Concerns


Nyesom Wike, the former governor of Rivers State and current Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has declared a prohibition on street trading and hawking within Abuja. Wike asserted that individuals engaged in activities such as selling corn on the streets contribute to the rise of insecurity and criminal incidents in the nation’s capital.

Making this announcement during a meeting with the management personnel of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Wike emphasized the need for stringent action.

Wike urged his team to uphold responsible practices, stating, “Our primary focus should be to restore Abuja to its rightful state. After a thorough assessment of Abuja’s landscape, it has come to my attention that substantial areas are plagued by inadequate lighting.”

Highlighting the importance of cleanliness in the city, he remarked, “Our commitment should extend to maintaining the cleanliness of Abuja. If you are responsible for sanitation, you should be prepared to be reachable at any hour of the day.”

He further emphasized,We cannot permit the unchecked proliferation of motor parks throughout the city. Swift measures need to be taken. If you are incapable of meeting the required standards, I encourage you to voice your limitations now, allowing us the opportunity to make necessary adjustments.”

While acknowledging the challenges faced due to economic hardships, Wike firmly asserted that these difficulties must not serve as an excuse for disregard of the law within the capital.

Wike explained,Street trading holds no place within our regulations. Those selling corn or engaging in similar activities tend to leave their waste indiscriminately, contributing to security vulnerabilities. Criminal elements exploit this situation, using these transactions as opportunities for reconnaissance and information sharing. Thus, it becomes essential for us to eliminate street hawking.”

He directed attention to the critical issue of development control, stating, “Illicit structures and makeshift settlements are rampant problems that we must address. We will not hesitate to dismantle any unauthorized constructions, regardless of the individuals involved or their status. Every unauthorized structure will be subject to removal.

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