Witches Predict Outcome Of Imo, Kogi, Bayelsa Elections


Off-season elections: Nigerian witches predict outcome of Imo, Kogi, Bayelsa polls

Ahead of the off-season elections in Imo, Kogi and Bayelsa, the White Witches and Wizards of Nigeria have predicted the outcome of the gubernatorial polls slated for November 11 in three States of the federation.

Speaking with journalists at the weekend in Lagos, Okhue Iboi, the spokesperson of the group, warned Imo Governor, Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC), People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Kogi, Dino Melaye, and the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in Bayelsa, Timipre Sylva against losing their elections on November 11 if they fail to heed wise counsel.

In Imo, Iboi said the fight would be between the candidates of the Labour Party (LP), Athan Achonu, and the Peoples Democratic Party’s Samuel Anyanwu, contrary to speculations that the incumbency factor will favour Governor Uzodinma.

Oboi charged security operatives to tighten security in the politically charged and volatile state to avert a bloodbath during the poll.

“When we met in the coven to review the three off-cycle governorship elections, we examined all the political parties and their candidates and their chances of winning the election.

“We noticed that Uzodinma is terribly hated by his people. Also, remember that he’s governor not by popular will but by legal technicalities of the Supreme Court.

“To date, his people derisively refer to him as Supreme Court Governor. The senseless killing in the state is another albatross he is carrying.

“His people thought that he was the brain behind the spate of killings perpetrated by Unknown Gunmen (UGM) and the destruction of property of the people. So, the people believe he is their sponsor. This is very unfortunate anyway, but that is what we saw in the coven,” he stated.

In Kogi, the White Witches said the election is between the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Murtala Ajaka and PDP’s Dino Melaye, stressing that Governor Yahaya Bello had already lost over failure to field his deputy to succeed him.

He said, “The Social Democratic Party (SDP) is as strong as the APC and the PDP in the state. When we met in Idah, Okenne, Ankpa, and other parts of the state, Governor Yahaya Bello’s candidate would have won easily in the state, but he appeared to have shot himself in the foot by listening to wrong advice.

“The people that advised him not to field his deputy will cost him the election victory in the state. When we got to the coven, we were told that all his strategies of destabilizing the election by fomenting trouble would not fetch him victory. There will be a bloodbath in Kogi, but Bello will still lose the election. So, we saw the election is between PDP and SDP.

“For Dino Melaye, he’s very recalcitrant. We’ve invited him a couple of times for a strategic meeting, but you know, pride goes before a fall. His vain pomposity will be his undoing. And if he fails to heed our call, he will be shell-shocked about the outcome of the election.

“Governor Bello has already lost out of favour with his people by not fielding his deputy governor to succeed him but preferring to field his brother.”

On Bayelsa poll, Iboi said Sylva would not go anywhere in the election.

“Recall that I had in a statement predicted that he would suffer a setback in his candidacy for the ruling APC.

“Now, he is fighting the battle of his life to retain the candidacy of the party, which the court had taken away from him. If he gets it, we don’t see him going far with it,” he said.

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