The youngest African president, Captain Ibrahim Traore, has decided that Burkina Faso will develop technology to process gold-mine residues on-site.

So this country won’t be exporting Gold to foreign countries for processing anymore. Much like how Nigeria has oil in abundance but can refine its own oil – very colonial. Very satanic.

Anyway, Burkina Faso’s Gold will now be sold as finished product and some of the Gold will be used to Back up the country’s currency. Russia on my mind.

ALSO, just three months after kicking France out of their country, Niger Republic became the 4th fastest growing economy in AFRICA and has gone further up the ladder, ever since. This is a country that was rated as one of the poorest, not just in AFRICA but in the world. What changed? They gave up colonial oppression for strategic partnership.

As per the satanic colonial agreement that France signed with all the French speaking African countries, France reportedly paid a paltry €0.08/kg of Niger’s uranium but paid about €200 to Canada for the same uranium! This is why they ensured that every political leader in that country, until last year, was installed by France. But all that changed when Russia came into the equation – France gone! UN gone! IMF hone! World Bank hone! That’s how you win.

It happened when Ghaddaffi took over in Libya, everything began turning around for the good of Libyans like it is right now for the good of Nigeriens. This is no rocket science at all.

And that’s what Nigeria needs – do away with this age long slavery system of colonial oppression/impositions and seek strategic partnerships that’ll guarantee a fair share of our common wealth on our own terms. Sadly, this won’t come cheap and easy, but it’s not impossible.


– Joseph C Okechukwu.

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