What a good viibrator can do for a woman, no man can do it – BBNaija’s Doyin asserts (Video)


Doyin revealed this when appearing as a guest on the audio-visual podcast The Honest Bunch, which is hosted by podcasters and media personality Nedu Wazobia.

Based on her personal experience, Doyin stated on the show that a decent vibrator provides a significantly greater performance in bed than a man does.

The reality TV star added no man can provide the rhythm and consistency provided by a vibrator till he releases. She added that not even a man’s tongue wiggles like that.

Sharing her worst part, Doyin said that sometimes when a man is getting the rhythm, they loses balance when they are about to release in it and this even pissed her off.

In her words;  “Me I know one thing oh, see, what a $ex toy can do, what a good vibrator can do, I don’t know one man that can do that job and that is just fact. You see that rhythm and consistency that vibrator has no man can wiggle his tongue consistently like that til he cum.

Sometimes when you are doing it with a man, he is getting the rhythm, he is getting the rhythm and then you’re about to cum, then he changes something I’m like oh my goodness get the fuck out of my face.”

Supporting Doyin, the female podcaster also showers encomium on vibrators over men as she discloses that vibrator takes her to the climax level faster than man.

She said; “If your partner is giving you a normal one and you have been taking it for years and then the vibrator just comes and
takes you there in 3 seconds, ah what are you doing with man again.”

Watch the video below;

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