What specific changes is Peter Obi implementing or enacting? OPINION


The economic and political influence in Nigeria have remained concentrated among a group of individuals who lack the vision to effectively utilize the abundant natural and human resources of the country for its betterment since the restoration of democracy in 1999.

With corruption oozing from every corner of the key sectors and trusting the affairs of the nation in the hands of the most incompetent among the kleptomaniacs in power, the change Nigerians desire will remain a pipe dream.

Nonetheless, with Obi’s rise, a fresh wave of optimism is spreading extensively throughout the nation, particularly among the youth who yearn for a leader they can relate to and a country they can truly claim as their own.

Apart from this, nothing separates him from a typical Nigerian politician.

Obi in the eyes of the public is not without his baggage of corruption allegations that won’t go away until he stops being a politician.

With the youths on his side, the presidential candidate is doing a lot to register his candidacy, but he is not doing much to separate himself from those he wants to take power from.

Abdulsalam Abubakar, Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed (Peter Obi/Twitter) With corruption oozing from every corner of the key sectors and trustin

The old guards are not willing to accept any change or new ideas that will reduce them to a nonentity. Obi needs to understand that no one can set the country on the right path by hobnobbing with those that brought it to its knees.

Politics is a realm of self-interest and cunning maneuvers. Just as if it were a temptation, whoever among the veteran figures Obi seeks backing from will inevitably embed themselves in his administration, extracting all they can if he attains power.

Obi, others attend Deputy Senate President’s son wedding in Kano

The established figures are resistant to embracing any alteration or fresh concepts that might diminish their influence. Obi must grasp that aligning with those who contributed to the nation’s downfall won’t lead to steering the country in the correct direction.

But if he continues to go cap in hand to discuss ‘issues of national interests’ with those that could not save the country when they had the power to, he’ll strengthen Omoyele Sowore’s claim that he is a lapdog of the old guards.

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