Is Russia finally at Nigeria’s doorstep? [Editor’s Opinion]


Amidst these developments, Nigeria, taking a prominent role in the efforts to reinstate democratic governance in Niger, must confront the realisation that the crisis in Niger is far from insulated, with potent external forces at play.

As tensions mount and diplomatic endeavors escalate, an influential actor has taken center stage, positioned on the periphery but potentially wielding considerable influence over the unfolding narrative: Russia.

The growing sentiments in Niger have been anti-West, with the locals supporting the disruption of democracy and demanding a review of the country’s relationship with the West.

Amidst these developments, Niger’s biggest card remains its uranium reserves, a vital resource for their energy and nuclear industries. As the world’s seventh-largest producer of uranium, Niger’s significance in this regard cannot be understated. It is an essential supplier of uranium to Western countries, particularly France and Canada. Herein lies the pivot point that could lead to far-reaching consequences.

The threads of Russia’s influence seem to weave through this narrative. Visuals of rallies in Niger show an unexpected phenomenon: the rise of Russian flags alongside the colours of Niger. This is not merely a coincidence but a potent symbol of Russia’s apparent involvement in the unfolding crisis.

Russian Flags spotted in Niger [Al Jazeera]

Russian Flags spotted in Niger [Reuters]

Niger’s pivotal position as a significant uranium supplier to Western countries gives Russia access to weaken the energy and nuclear industries. With tensions already escalating between Russia and Western powers, any hint of Moscow gaining control or influencing this vital resource could have far-reaching repercussions.

It is worth noting that Russia’s ambitions in Africa have been quietly gaining momentum. The Kremlin’s strategic game in the region is evident as it seeks to expand its influence and capitalise on geopolitical shifts. Russia has already signed military deals with 40 African countries, doing more than Africa’s Western partners have done in decades.

Russian Flags spotted in Niger [APN]

Countering an earlier analysis on Niger’s military strength, the country stands a good chance of withstanding ECOWAS’s military intervention with the help of Russia. Already, the US has alarmed possible presence of Russian mercinaries in Niger, based on security intel. What US’ intel did not tell us is whether these mercenaries are a danger to Niger, or a blessing.

Russia’s reputation as a disruptor on the global stage cannot be dismissed. In this age of interconnectedness, where events in one corner of the globe can send shockwaves across continents, Niger’s crisis becomes more than just a domestic issue. It is a manifestation of larger forces at play, where nations vie for control and influence.

Whether the true extent of Russia’s involvement is revealed or remains shrouded in secrecy, the events unfolding in Niger have undoubtedly underscored Moscow’s growing presence at Nigeria’s doorstep.

Will Nigerian leaders be forward thinking enough to decide its stance between the West and Russia long before the physical push for that conversation? Recall Ukraine.


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