Chelsea has been warned that they could face relegation and points deduction if the allegations regarding Roman Abramovich’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) violations are substantiated.


Fans have voiced their opinions on Financial Fair Play (FFP) after the Premier League imposed a ten-point deduction on Everton, while other clubs anxiously await potential repercussions.

The display of club badges on Chelsea and Manchester City home shirts during the UEFA Champions League final on May 19, 2021, in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Arsenal and Chelsea are closely monitoring developments following Everton’s FFP-related points deduction, as it could have significant consequences for other Premier League clubs.

Both Manchester City and Chelsea have faced FFP allegations, with Chelsea now being cautioned about potential future penalties after Everton’s recent 10-point deduction for breaching financial rules.

While City has denied any wrongdoing amid investigations by the Premier League and UEFA, Chelsea, under Roman Abramovich’s previous ownership, faced additional claims of financial impropriety. Allegations include offshore money transfers and questionable payments in player transfers between 2012 and 2019.

Chelsea previously agreed to pay £8.57 million (€10 million) to UEFA this year for incomplete financial reporting under Abramovich’s tenure, unrelated to the current ownership. Fans, both locally and nationally, expressed opinions on the situation, with 67% believing that other clubs might face FFP-related punishments.

When asked about potential penalties, 41% of fans suggested a points deduction, while 36% indicated support for forcibly relegating offending clubs from the Premier League. The prospect of relegation could be unsettling for Chelsea’s current owners.

A more drastic opinion came from 23% of fans across the country, suggesting that clubs like Manchester City should be stripped of their titles. This idea resonates particularly at the Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal fans, having narrowly missed out on the title to City last season, would pay attention.

Regarding Everton’s punishment, fans were divided, with 51% considering it acceptable and 49% deeming it unfair. Despite the points deduction placing Everton in the relegation zone, 74% of fans expressed confidence in the team’s survival this season.

Opinions on the league’s FFP rules were mixed, with 57% of fans agreeing with them, 17% disagreeing, and 26% believing that while they agree with the principles, the current rules are too harsh on clubs.

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